Join our Global Ecosystem of lastmile focused companies

Our Ecosystem is a global movement of remarkable companies solving social problems in emerging informal markets.

These visionary founders are upending old unsustainable systems and forging a new sustainable world in the spirit of collaboration and mutual friendship.

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We are open to collaboration

Our companies believe in the singular vision of solving social and infrastructure problems within the hard to reach underserved communities in informal markets
We are happy to work with corporate organisations, government bodies and startups that are actively seeking opportunities to solve last-mile problems

We invest and partner with  carefully selected companies that can work together to address the problems in the informal sector

We have a strong focus on entrepreneurs addressing socio-economic problems in the informal “last-mile” economy

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Working on solving problems for the last-mile?

Impact Institutions

We work with organisations with policies and funds targeting grass root development

Corporates Bodies

Our companies provide last-mile access to hard to reach informal markets in emerging markets

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