Inclusive Technology

Mobilising innovation through Africa through a tech enabled Agent network


Ifedolapo Lawal

The Problem

Africa is growing but still has over 50% of its population left behind innovation-wise. Most African startup founders are building innovative technology solutions to tackle problems faced by Africans, such as lack of access to good education, internet, electricity, healthcare, financial services etc. However, over 700 million people living in the rural communities in Africa are still being marginalized because they cannot afford or access such innovative solutions.

Their Solution

Afrinovate is solving the Innovation Distribution Gap

Afrinovate is solving this problem by training agents to provide financial and other innovative technology services to people living in rural communities across Africa.

They partner with startups providing solutions in the Financial service, Healthcare, Education, Solar energy and e-commerce industries. These services are aggregated on a mobile app for people living in rural communities to access and afford to pay for on a subscription basis.

Their Traction so far

Over a 7 months, Afrinovate has been able to mobilize about 500 active agents in 4 communities in ruralLagos and gotten the mobile app ready for both financial & solar energy subscription services.