Inclusive Agriculture

AgriGate is reducing agro-waste by digitizing the last mile between small farms and businesses through an integrated digital platform connecting farmers directly to vendors and other users of agro-produce.

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We see AgriGate working to solve the problem of rural-urban migration caused by lack of sustainable commercial activities necessary for localised wealth creation.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Clement Egwurube

The Problem

Food insecurity poses a threat to the population, resulting in a reliance on imports to cover deficits.

Local smallholder farmers must compete with imported goods, which are frequently preferred by the elites. As a result, more people are being marginalised, and some countries are becoming hungry because they can't keep up with growing commodity prices.

Their Solution

AgriGate has designed a digital e-commerce infrastructure to aggregate the producers and consumers of Agro-produce, interfacing drop shipping service

providers to ameliorate the friction that exists with Agro produce logistics in Nigeria and beyond.

We are building the connection between the Smallholder farmers and consumers of Nigerian agro produce.

Their Traction so far

They've partnered with 100 direct off-takers and mobilised around 10,000 Rural Smallholder Farmers