Inclusive Technology

Connecting the unconnected with affordable wireless connectivity solutions


Glenn Osianoh Aliu

The Problem

The 3.8 Billion People Opportunity

Wireless connectivity provides limitless opportunities. Due to its cost-effectiveness and low maintenance effort WiBACK becomes an interesting option not only for companies, which want to sell pure broadband connectivity to their customers, but also for other services. WiBACK can be designed to meet your peculiar use case.

Their Solution

DeFuTech was founded as a spin-off from one of the largest Applied Research Institutes in Europe (Fraunhofer Institute) in 2014. Our first task was to convert WiBACK - Wireless Backhaul technology of Fraunhofer FOKUS - into a product for global adoption. Today, DeFuTech has deployed WiBACK in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe connecting rural regions to the internet - at comparatively low cost. In addition to the marketing of current products, DeFuTech participates in Research and Development (R&D) projects and consultancy services. Prof. Karl Jonas, Dr. Mathias Kretschmer and Jens Mödeker sit on the advisory board.

Their Traction so far