Keble, formerly known as MyyInvest is a fractional real estate investment platform that allows Africans to invest in premium properties with as little as $10. Our vetted assets start Africans on the path to homeownership and financial inclusion at their own pace.


Emmanuel Oballa

The Problem

 High Barrier to Entry: Real Estate is prohibitively expensive for most people

Inadequate Access to Capital: Current banking structure makes it very difficult for real estate developers to access capital for their projects

Wealth Inequality: In 2021, there are 490 million people in Africa living in extreme poverty. In Nigeria, 43% of the population live below the poverty line, while another 25% are vulnerable

Their Solution

Fractional Investing: Our Users can invest in Local and International Real Estate with as low as $10.

·Capital Allocation: We’ve partnered with vetted Real Estate Developers to provide Capital for their projects at less cost and with less stringent methods

Personalized Investing: Our Platform provides an array of diverse investment options from fixed to ownership specifically tailored for wealth creation based on individual needs.

Their Traction so far

Traction; So far since we launched our mvp, we have transacted over $122,000 across 12 Real Estate Projects in 2 Cities, partnered with 4 developers and paid out over $95,000 on dividends to users.