Legal Connect

Legal Connect is a cloud-based legal practice management software that connects clients to independent lawyers with specialised expertise.

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Legal Connect's vision of creating accessible and equitable justice in Africa is an opportunity that excites us. The high rate of law graduates and fewer law firms in African countries has resulted in a significant employment gap. Legal Connect aims to bridge this gap by creating a marketplace that enables lawyers to innovate their services for a diverse range of customers, including both high-net-worth and average-income earners.


Carlos Akhilele

The Problem

The legal industry is known for its high fees and lack of accessibility, leaving many people without the legal help they need. This has created a significant barrier to justice for many underserved communities.

Their Solution

Legal Connect believes that everyone deserves access to justice and has built a platform that is providing access to quality legal services at a fraction of their premium prices without sacrificing on quality for the clients or satisfactory compensation for the lawyers.

Their Traction so far

MVP built and launched by Q1 2023