Inclusive Technology

Limestart is enabling the financial and technology inclusion of micro to small informal businesses in Africa

Keturah Ovio


Lagos, Nigeria
Inclusive Technology

The Problem

For micro, small and medium sized businesses to grow and advance to large, global enterprises, analysing data and digitizing of records are crucial steps that must be taken. The advantages of digitalization are endless; from improving efficiency and productivity to equipping the business with the structure needed for growth, scale and access to capital.

MSME’s make up 90% of businesses in any economy. These businesses are willing to experience growth by utilizing the opportunity technology presents to them, if only the tools required are made accessible to them at an affordable rate, and as they carry out their daily transactions. This is a problem Limestart as a company is seeking to solve.

The Solution

Limestart is building the “Square for African businesses” by providing an integrated POS which captures and digitizes transaction and payment records as sales are made. This Hardware (POS) receives payment from different payment options such as cash, card, mobile money/USSD, bank transfer, phone number and records the transaction in real time with the aid of software engineering integrated into the POS.

Transaction records collected by the POS generate sales reports accessible to each business owner (customer) on the dashboard. The records generated provide the customer with analysed data and up-to-date records which will further be made available to financial institutions thus positioning the business owner for credit services and other benefits that come with the platform.