PlugExpresso is helping businesses and individuals build lasting relationships through a digitised gift sharing and management platform

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PlugExpresso's approach to modernising digital gift cards with a focus on growing small businesses and scaling impact initiatives is truly exciting. We believe that the PlugExpresso team is well-equipped to execute on their vision, with Asemota Ize-Iyamu's impressive track record as the co-founder and CEO.

The company's impact goals are aligned with our values, as we believe in supporting small businesses, building strong company cultures, and addressing food insecurity in Africa. The team's focus on streamlining meal donations to food-insecure populations in Nigeria and beyond is particularly important, as food insecurity is a critical issue in many African countries.

By unlocking revenue growth for food merchants and small businesses and transforming employee rewards and meal plans, PlugExpresso has the potential to drive a significant positive impact across Africa. We are thrilled to partner with the team and support their efforts to revolutionise digital gift cards and transform the way businesses approach impactful relationship building.


Asemota A.I Ize-Iyamu

The Problem

The modern workplace is evolving, with more remote and hybrid teams than ever before. Teams are struggling to connect and show appreciation to their colleagues, and traditional gifting solutions just don't cut it.

They're either too generic, too complicated, or too limited in choice/coverage.

Their Solution

PlugExpresso, founded by Asemota Ize-Iyamu and his team, is creating a new way to provide digital gift cards for individuals and businesses in Africa. With a modern payment infrastructure, PlugExpresso is helping to unlock revenue growth for food merchants and small businesses, while also transforming employee rewards and meal plans to build company culture.

In addition to these initiatives, PlugExpresso is also scaling impact initiatives by streamlining meal donations to food-insecure populations in Nigeria and across Africa. By creating gift tokens that achieve these key impact goals, PlugExpresso is revolutionising the digital gift card industry and helping to create positive change in Africa.

Their Traction so far

Product / Web and APIs:

The team has built four web apps, APIs, and a Slack bot for our MVP. These apps include:

  • The Buyer App: This app allows users to set budgets, send or schedule food tokens via email or Slack, track spending, and access valuable data analytics.
  • The Recipient App: This app enables users to use food tokens to pay for food from participating restaurants or food delivery apps.
  • The Merchant App: This app allows merchants to verify food tokens, take orders, view payouts, and data analytics.
  • The Admin App: This app is designed for baristas to manage the system's operations.

In addition, They have APIs for platforms to accept and issue/sell food tokens and a Slack bot.

Merchant Network Growth:

They have onboarded over 200 merchants across Nigeria

Pilot Results:

Their pilot with 15 companies, friends, and family generated over $1,300 in revenue with positive feedback. The feedback was critical in improving the product's usability.