Veritas Vision

Inclusive Energy

Veritas Vision is breaking down market-entry barriers and engineering sustainable demand creation and distribution of alternative energy solutions

Andrew Amedu

Veritas Vision

Lagos, Nigeria
Inclusive Energy

The Problem

The 7th Sustainable Development Goal as created by the United Nations is “Affordable and Clean Energy”. Indoor air pollution from using combustible fuels for household energy has caused millions of death worldwide.  This form of energy has proven to be costly and expensive (both financially and healthwise). In Nigeria alone, households and businesses spend almost $14 billion (₦ 5 trillion) annually on expensive and inefficient generation at $0.40/kWh or ₦140/kWh or more. 

With the concept and need for renewable (solar) energy increasingly gaining popularity in the energy sector, access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and clean energy has become a global concern both for the preservation of the climate and individual health.

Their Solution

In response to this pertinent problem, Veritas Vision is building a scalable last-mile distribution platform to deliver sustainable solutions to the bottom of the pyramid in Nigeria. Veritas Vision carries out its solution by training social entrepreneurs into relationship agents to educate poor families on benefits of renewable energy.

Veritas Vision provides solar solutions to its customers using an affordable asset financing with bespoke interest rates and comfortable payment plans. Beyond profit-making, Veritas Vision is building a strong community of customers who beyond the products they buy, receive support and continuous engagement with Veritas Vision.

Their Traction

With 6 communities having been served, 2675 people reached and 610 products sold, Veritas Vision has been successful in saving 51,240 litres of petrol that would have otherwise been used, 138,348 kilograms of carbon dioxide that would have otherwise been emitted and 31,476 USD that would have otherwise been spent.