I believe we can achieve economic growth in emerging markets through the creative use of sustainable business model Innovations. These models will provide a spectrum of opportunities that will firstly create a band of ecosystem enablers for entrepreneurship on one end, and secondly empower small businesses to become sustainable, successful and scalable on the other end of the spectrum.

This persistent belief has led me through an interesting journey of self-discovery across different industries (Energy, Renewables, Marketing Communication, Information Technology, Hospitality, Private Equity and Venture Capital).

Having gained unique insights from such a rich experience, I now spend my time deeply involved in the strategy & operations of small businesses and technology startups across Africa by helping them structure create empirical assumptions driving their strategy, design processes for operational efficiency and create sustainable growth models to scale their businesses from 0 to 1.

This passion led me to start Funema - which is an acronym for Future Now Emerging Markets.
Together with my team, we are bringing hope to small businesses and collectively working towards a future where these small businesses can either scale into high-growth companies or at best blossom as local champions strong enough to play with tier one companies within the ecosystem. We have a strong focus on having these businesses thrive well enough that they might employ local talent gainfully

This, we believe, would democratise access to wealth and opportunities to the average millennial, regardless of where they live and their social conditions.

I invite you to join us on this exciting and rewarding journey - either as a Partner, Talent, Investor or Founder.