We are on a mission to catalyse 10X growth for 500,000 small businesses across the emerging markets by the year 2050. We started with 10 companies within our first 5 years of defining this mission and would reach our next key milestone of 1000 companies by 2026 to test how well we can repeat our success at scale.

For every entrepreneur we engage, we are always working to establish the following precepts of multiplication:

Driving transformation through culture

It all starts and ends with culture.

Talent will open doors for you but a good character will keep you there.

We work with our founders in designing their DNA to enable a sustainable approach to building teams and solving problems in exchange for value. We help our founders understand the need for a redemptive approach to building their companies. Redemption starts by putting in place a people first approach to creating value; this intentionality enables the crystallisation of inclusive innovations that have the power to break down destructive social barriers across gender, race, nationality and income level.

Enabling growth through science

We work with our founders in building solid value proposition strategies through a rigorous scientific approach to defining problems, solving them and systemising winning ideas for sustainable repetition. Our approach to growth is to scale iteratively a working system of value exchange between company and customer in increasing degrees of chaos.

Catalysing scale with intentionality

Once our founders have established a strong foundation of a well defined culture expressed through sound business processes and structures, we work with them in advocating their mission to a larger audience both internally through bigger teams and externally through expanded market share.