future now

emerging markets

We believe we have been given the grace to catalyse economic growth in underserved communities through the creation, nurturing and accelerated growth of small business ecosystems in emerging markets

Our Objectives

In Africa, we believe it takes a village to raise a child. In Funema, we believe it takes an ecosystem to raise a sustainable and responsible company.

We channel this belief through the following objectives

Nurture and accelerate the growth of our ecosystem of small businesses collaborating with high growth startups in emerging markets in driving inclusive adoption of innovation

Enable the creation of direct and indirect jobs through our portfolio companies to empower the last-mile consumer thereby increasing purchasing power to access an improved quality of life

Empower the next generation of entrepreneurs equipped to build the future through the creation and implementation of trans-generational culture passed down through  companies in our ecosystem

Our Partner Companies

We partner with remarkable founders solving cross-sector, last-mile problems in informal markets

Osemo Borealis

Last-mile Inclusive finance that works

Osemo Borealis is a technology enabled savings and loans cooperative offering banking solutions to financially excluded businesses in hard to penetrate commercial clusters in rural-urban areas in Nigeria


Capturing last-mile intelligence of everyday products

Chekkit's mission is to provide real-time product authentication, consumer engagement and supply chain tracking services to producers of high quality human-friendly products.


Building the future of product personalisation

PitchPrint is helping businesses co-create products with their customers through their web based, product personalisation software.

our culture

We are a vector Organisation

The successful growth of an organisation is the sum of all its vectors

- Elon Musk