We are transforming for better, hyper economies in frontier markets by catalysing small business growth

Small businesses in frontier markets are limited by gaps in entrepreneurial talent for high performance, capacity to build scalable businesses and access to catalytic capital to drive 10x transformation.

We are building Human Capital from the ground up through our venture building Institute while investing human capital into idea stage startups at the grass root level through our Venture building for equity investment model

Building Re-Founders to support Founders

About Funema

Building Human capital from the ground up

We're helping young talents build careers in Venture capital & technology by coaching them into becoming high performing Venture Operators. We've trained over 20 talents across Africa, Asia and the U.S.A.

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Investing Human capital at the grassroots level

We've invested in 10 companies across Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore and India using our bespoke venture building investment model. Our portfolio is collectively worth north of $100m and performing at over 190% IRR on a zero cash basis

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