The legal industry has traditionally been characterized by high fees and a lack of accessibility, with many people unable to afford the legal help they need. Legal Connect is changing that by providing a range of legal services at a fractionalized cost. Imagine a world where you could access the legal services you need anytime, with a tap of a finger and at non-insane price points.

Legal Connect is a cloud-based legal practice management software that connects clients to independent lawyers with specialized expertise. As a marketplace, legal connect is saving lawyers over 60% of time spent on marketing, admin, write downs and write offs, giving them enough time to attend to legal cases.

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At Funema, we are always on the lookout for innovative companies that build solutions to enable small businesses to grow. We believe that Legal Connect is doing just that, and we are excited to support their growth and development.

Our goal is to venture build Legal Connect and help them expand their services and reach more clients, while also improving their technology and infrastructure. We believe that this will help them to better serve their clients and become a leader in the online legal services industry.

Specifically, we are venture building Legal Connect because;

  • It helps bridge the employment gap that is evidenced with the high rate of law graduates and fewer firms in African countries.
  • Legal Connect makes justice accessible and equitable. The marketplace creates a system that allows lawyers to innovate their services for just about any kind of customers ( both high net-worth and average income earners).
  • The model targets lawyers that ordinarily have fewer or no clients. Giving them the opportunity to access clients, deliver services, manage relationships and liaise with other lawyers.

Legal Connect’s innovative platform empowers both lawyers and SMEs, creating a win-win scenario that we believe will drive growth and improve access to justice across emerging markets. We are excited to partner with them and support their journey as they continue to expand their reach and create impact.