Our work at Funema is very intense and can borderline overwork the team - we do the heavy lifting of structuring early stage startups and small businesses for success through a hands-on approach to their strategy, operations, talent building and growth. We do this across a growing portfolio of 12 companies across the globe on a daily basis.

Operationally, we run on a Bi-weekly Operational Sprint System which we nicknamed BOSS that utilises 20 business days per month on ten-day Sprints. On months where we have more than 20 working days, we take breaks to zoom out of work, rest and play as a way to de-stress and reduce cortisol levels. It also gives our brains the time to make new connections and our emotions the time to contract and be more supple to take on more work.

This break is outside of the standard 20 days leave per employee by the way and is our way of being intentional about work-life balance.

BOSS gives us a centralised execution management system that coordinates all projects worked by all teams. Our portfolio companies also run on BOSS making it easy for us to synchronise our work with their work - sort of like a hive mind symphony of minds and limbs. Feel free to chip in every pseudo sci-fi alien invasion movie. Edge of tomorrow comes to mind for me, and in some ways we can foretell the future too through propheciii, a goal management system we designed as well but more on that in another post.