It is possible to win on both impact and returns

When you have a partner you can trust to do the heavy lifting

Your financial capital x Our human capital = Returns on Impact + Capital

Profit with Purpose. Invest

At Funema, we absorb risk in early-stage startups in frontier markets through our heavy lifting, venture building for equity investments.

Our unique venture building investment model allows for co-investment with investors' financial capital, enabling the achievement of returns on both impact and profit. By partnering with us, you'll have the unfair advantage of investing in promising startups that are tackling pressing social and environmental challenges, while also generating financial returns.
In this market it is harder than ever to find compelling deals to invest in. With tightening budgets, due diligence is as important as ever and difficult as ever to conduct. Partner with us to get access to the metrics that matter in evaluating potential social impact investments.

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Luke Mostert
Head of Investments Future Africa
Funema's work with Laborhack in creating their financial model gave us the clarity and a sense of preparedness from the company that guided our investment.