Beautiful Profitability

By reviewing production expenses and unit assumptions, We helped increase Gross Profit of a Food Services company from 37% to 55% out of a 66% target within 1 month


Let's explore how you can achieve a healthy top-line revenue for your business

  • We will start with exploring your top-line projections vis-a-vis your actuals, discuss our way down through your conversion funnel to your Operating Income.
  • Our final stop would be a slow dance around your Production Unit Economics to ascertain if profits can be maximised at top-line to increase your gross margins or a more conservative bottomline approach of cleaning up your operations to free up cash flow.

Company Builder

David Ogundeko

David is a polymath-generalist who has been building companies within the Venture Capital space for over six years. He's highly skilled in building and operating companies from 0 to 1 and scaling from 1 to 10. Prior to this, he's had an interesting career journey in Creative writing, Communication Design, Market Intelligence, Energy Infrastructure financing- Downstream & Renewables, Technology Consulting and Web & Mobile Applications development. He has a background in software engineering and infrastructure financing.
He currently runs Funema Group LLC.

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