Sustaining your vision during a crisis

Will your business sink or swim?


Crisis can be overwhelming. You have a choice, however, to choose to surf the high waves or to succumb, washed ashore and thrown out of the game. Let's explore how you can not only ride out this storm but to also leverage it for growth after the pandemic.

There are two primary phases in business. You are either growing or mastering your craft.

It's difficult to master your craft while growing - your resources are focused on scaling your business to take in the growth

Mastering your craft happens during periods of relative stillness which could be when your business is running on autopilot or when you are forced to slow down during a crisis.

This current crisis can actually be an opportunity for you to master your craft. Sign up and let me show you how you can achieve both.

Company Builder

David Ogundeko

David is a polymath-generalist who has been building companies within the Venture Capital space for over six years. He's highly skilled in building and operating companies from 0 to 1 and scaling from 1 to 10. Prior to this, he's had an interesting career journey in Creative writing, Communication Design, Market Intelligence, Energy Infrastructure financing- Downstream & Renewables, Technology Consulting and Web & Mobile Applications development. He has a background in software engineering and infrastructure financing.
He currently runs Funema Group LLC.

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